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Diploma in Marketing

As our course prepares our students for the real world of marketing, our learning and facilitation replicates the best practices in the field of marketing and branding. The marketing curriculum is based on the learning pedagogy of Problem-Based Learning (PBL). Students learn both within and outside the classroom.

These are some examples of how we take marketing education “beyond the textbooks”.


Real-Life Client Projects
Customer Relationship Management Project

RISIS, an Asian lifestyle gift company known for its jewellery and ornaments in 24K gold, rhodium and other precious metals, collaborated with Marketing Juniors on a Customer Relationship Management project.

The students provided consumer insights and marketing ideas to enhance RISIS’ relationship with its customers. These marketing recommendations were made based on their analysis of field observations and research data provided by 1000 RISIS customers.

The best two teams were selected to make a presentation to RISIS management. Mr Linus Kee, CEO of RISIS, was impressed with the students’ depth of analysis and their suggestions relating to the use of social media in engaging customers.


Real-Life Client Projects
Client: Botak Jones Singapore
Global Marketing Project

The Diploma in Marketing Seniors were presented with a hearty challenge for their Global Marketing subject: explore expansion plans for Botak Jones Singapore, a western food outlet positioned as an inexpensive place which offers good American food, to Malaysia or Indonesia.

The students analysed and prepared a marketing plan for Botak Jones to enter these countries.

Through the process, they applied useful marketing concepts and fulfilled many learning outcomes.

Bernie Utchenik, Managing Director of Botak Jones, complimented the students on their efforts. “The partnership with TP students is great. Talking with them about real life business experiences is one thing, but the dialogue and interaction with the students which followed was even more fulfilling”.


Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2011 Community Project

27 Marketing volunteers kicked off their shoes for a good cause. They were part of the annual Barefoot Charity Walk 2011 held at Gardens by the Bay East.

This year’s new venue offered a spectacular setting for participants to walk barefoot in a 2.5 to 4km walk which aims to raise funds to improve living conditions in developing nations by building homes and fighting poverty.

Though exhausted, the students worked tirelessly with the event organisers and Singapore Management University undergraduates to assist the 4000 participants and even cleaned up the paths and venue after the event.

A pat on the back to the volunteers for their zest and unwavering community spirit!


Marketing Students Promote Wildlife Conservation

To learn and understand more about wildlife conservation and the impact of climate change on animals, 27 Marketing Juniors and one marketing lecturer visited the Singapore Zoological Gardens. Staff from the Zoo brought them for an on-site tour of the various exhibits to highlight interesting information that could be useful for their creative campaign project. The campaign aimed at promoting awareness and heightening interest on conserving wildlife among youths.



Pilot Pen(S) Pte Ltd

Pilot Pen(S) Pte Ltd collaborated with Diploma in Marketing for two subjects. As part of the learning for the subject Marketing Research, Marketing Juniors researched and analysed the impact of Pilot Pen’s sponsorship of the badminton tournaments on consumer perception towards the brand. For the subject Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Juniors explored the different factors that influence the buyer behaviour towards Pilot’s Namiki pens.

The General Manager of Pilot Pen commented: "Poly students are Pilot's target audience. It is our pleasure to support Temasek Polytechnic, Diploma in Marketing in this project work. In this case, it becomes more relevant to us with their research in identifying the effectiveness of Pilot's sponsorship in the schools' badminton tournament and the possible improvement in marketing high-value pens such as Namiki. It is good to know how the youths respond to the various brands of writing instruments. Generally the presentation was lively and interesting. We are open to the students having an internship with us as that will provide them with the practical experience in marketing a product. We look forward to more collaborations with Temasek Polytechnic."

Diploma in Marketing is thankful for the learning experience that Pilot Pen has provided for our students.


Real-Life Client Projects
Client: Nike Singapore
Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour and Sales Management Project

During the Apr Semester AY09/10, Junior Year Diploma in Marketing students were tasked by their client, Nike Singapore, to conduct a survey to research into how Nike could deliver world class service standards in its flagship stores and that of its retail partners. The Senior Year students, at the same time, were challenged to investigate how Nike can build up a pool of Strategic Account Managers to drive the business of Nike Singapore.

Mr Oon Tze Puan, Talent Management Manager, Nike Southeast Asia agreeably summed up the partnership. “We are pleased that the projects undertaken by your Diploma in Marketing students were carried out in a timely and efficient manner. We appreciate the efforts put in by the students. Their presentations were insightful and professional. We shall review the findings in their written proposals and consider implementing some of the ideas recommended. We look forward to more meaningful collaborations with Temasek Polytechnic.”


Real-Life Client Projects
Client: Ben & Jerry’s
Integrated Marketing Communications Project

Ben & Jerry’s has been providing Singaporeans with moovelicious ice cream concoctions since 2004, when the very first scoop shop opened at the Singapore Zoo. Ben & Jerry’s currently has 10 scoop shops island wide. The marketing seniors were given the challenge to understand the brand issues facing Ben & Jerry’s and competition in the market for Ice Cream in Singapore.

Mr Benjamin Tng, Brand Ambassador for Ben & Jerry’s agreeably summed up the partnership. “I am extremely impressed with the energy and enthusiasm your students had for our brand. I must say, the work and thoughts put behind the entire paper were very commendable. They were able to articulate very clearly the entire findings. I have also been able to re-affirm some of the work & hypotheses I have of our brand from the entire experience. What's most important for me is that the students genuinely seemed like they had great fun throughout the entire experience. Who said studying is boring?! They made me feel re-energised all over again. I truly hope that the experience have been as enriching for them as it was for me.”


Diploma in Marketing’s Partnership with Food Republic Pte Ltd

As one of Asia’s most renowned and unique food retail service provider that merges the hawker fare with that of mini-restaurants and open dining restaurants, Food Republic Pte Ltd (a subsidiary of BreadTalk Group Ltd), provided an exciting and important learning experience for students in the Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Business. For the October 2008/09 Semester, the marketing subject team partnered Food Republic on two junior year subjects, Customer Relationship Management and Advertising & Promotion.

On 12 March 2009, two groups of students were invited to BreadTalk’s head office to present their findings and recommendations on customer relationship management and advertising & promotion to Dr George Quek (Chairman, BreadTalk Group), Mr Goh Tong Pak (Group CEO), Ms Joyce Koh (Group Senior Vice-President), Mr Wille Tay (Senior Vice President, Food Republic) and Ms Patsy Loo, Manager/Brand development, Food Republic).

Feedback from BreadTalk Group was encouraging. Dr Quek said, “I am very impressed with the quality of work produced by the students on Food Republic’s brand and customer relationship management strategies. The students’ presentation was insightful and professional.”


Real-Life Client Projects
Client: Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)
Unlocking the Code to ZAP

During the Oct Semester AY07/08, Junior Year Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Business students were tasked by their client, SPH to develop an integrated marketing communication plan for ZapCode.  ZapCode is a mobile technology that allows hand phone users to access information from the internet.

As part of the PBL challenge for subject Advertising & Promotion, students were required to conduct an analysis of the situation and made appropriate recommendations supported by their research.

Students presented their marketing communication plans to their client at the end of the semester.  Present at this presentation were the marketing manager of SPH ZapCode Division and senior management representatives from Colorzip SEA Pte Ltd, the developer of the ZapCode technology. Mr Andre Monza, CEO of ColorZip, commented that the student works were of high professional standards and comparable to the industry.

This collaboration allowed the students to apply the knowledge gained from this subject to a real marketing communication scenario.  Students got the opportunity to interact and present their analysis and recommendations to their client just like the real working world.


YOUTH BRAND Survey Published In TODAY, 21 December 2007

The Diploma in Marketing at Temasek Polytechnic develops students’ marketing knowledge and skills through a rigorous curriculum that meets the requirements of a knowledge-based economy. As part of our marketing research project in April Semester 2007/2008, students from Diploma in Marketing and Diploma in Retail Management interviewed some 2,025 youths aged between 15 and 27 to determine the perception and purchase behaviour of mobile communication services among Singapore youth consumers. This survey research is the first youth perception study that Diploma in Marketing has embarked on.

The attached is a newspaper article that was published in TODAY on 21 December 2007.

Real-Life Client Projects
Learning @ Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007

Establishing its inaugural significance at Suntec Singapore from 24 to 26 October 2007, the Asia Outdoor Advertising incorporated an exhibition, conference and award show. The event is dedicated to promoting the use of outdoor advertising in Asia. As a supporter of AOA, TP sent a team of 20 MKG Juniors to assist in event coordination. They had a fun learning experience indeed.

Marketing Junior Hao Ming receiving a token of participation from FUSE, the main event organizer.
Marketing Juniors toasted to the success of AOA 2007!

Real-Life Client Projects
Client: MobileOne (M1)
The Youth Perception and Purchase Behaviour Project

Diploma in Marketing collaborated with M1, a leading mobile communications provider in Singapore, to enable students to work on a research project to find out the perception and consumer behaviour of mobile communication services among Singapore youth consumers.

Through a face-to-face survey, 110 marketing students interviewed more than 2,000 respondents aged 15 to 27 using quota sampling method.  A standardised questionnaire, meticulously crafted by the students, was used for the research fieldwork.

Through the research project, the marketing students could experience the marketing research process and apply consumer behaviour concepts to a real marketing challenge.



Real-Life Client Projects
Client: SAMSUNG Asia Pte Ltd
Global Internet Marketing, Sponsorship & Partnership Strategies

Diploma in Marketing’s Partnership with SAMSUNG Asia Pte Ltd

As one of the world’s best global brands, SAMSUNG provided an interesting and meaningful learning opportunity for students in the Diploma in Marketing. For the October 07/08 Semester, the diploma partnered SAMSUNG Asia on two senior year subjects, Global Marketing and Integrated Marketing Project 2.

After three months of intense work on SAMSUNG’s marketing challenge and accompanied by three Marketing staff members, three groups of Marketing Seniors visited the SAMSUNG Hub on 15 March 2007. They presented their findings and recommendations on global internet marketing, sponsorship and partnership strategies for SAMSUNG’s range of mobile phones and MP3 players to Mr David Henry (General Manager, Corporate Marketing, Southeast Asia & Oceania) and his colleague, Mr Chan Kay Fun (Asst Manager, Strategic Brand Marketing).

The Marketing students, who are fully trained using the Problem-Based Learning pedagogy, felt that the experience of solving real industry marketing challenges and presenting to a real client at the conference room of the SAMSUNG Hub was a “very exciting” experience which will prepare them for the world of work. The students unanimously agreed that they gained tremendously from the incisive and astute thoughts that both Mr Henry and Mr Chan shared with them after their presentations.

Feedback from SAMSUNG Asia was positive. Mr Henry said, "The three groups of students from Temasek Polytechnic were able to articulate regional marketing strategies, differentiate between regional-level and country-level initiatives, and craft staged marketing campaigns. I appreciate both the quality of their work, backed by solid background research, as well as that of the comprehensive supporting materials."


Real-Life Client Projects
Client: Komoco Motors Pte Ltd
Simulated Sales Training Manual Project

Komoco Motors is one of Singapore’s leading automobile companies. Together with its admirably rapid growth, selling skills and customer service have also improved by leaps and bounds.  Moving towards the direction of increasing these two vital skills, Marketing Seniors collaborated with Komoco, to craft a simulated Training Manual for its salestaff as part of its project requirement for their subject Sales Management. Doing a client-based project allows these students to put into practice what they learn in the classroom.

The mutually positive experience is summed up in these comments from Mr Donald Wee, Komoco’s Training Manager: “Thank you for the opportunity you gave us to share some ideas on selling and sales management to your students in the sales management module. We have found your students to be highly enthusiastic and this is validated by the high standard Sales Manual they produced in their project work.”


Real-Life Client Projects
Client: BreadTalk

The Branded Bread Project

BreadTalk, the boutique bakery, enjoys the highest brand recall, according to a market research survey conducted by seniors from the Diploma in Marketing, Temasek Polytechnic School of Business.

The survey also found that the BreadTalk brand is associated with creativity and innovation.

To guage the perception of BreadTalk among Singapore consumers, 118 marketing students interviewed more than 1000 respondents.  A standardised questionnaire was used and a quota sampling method that involved subgroups of customers and non-customers of BreadTalk was applied, with age and gender as variables.

The survey is part of the brand assessment and development process in the Brand Management course.  By working closely with BreadTalk, marketing students could relate and apply textbook principles and concepts to a real marketing challenge.


Client: IKEA Singapore
Integrated Marketing Project

IKEA is a leading global furniture firm.  With its unique business concepts, it has transformed the furniture industry in Singapore. Diploma in Marketing collaborated with IKEA to embark on projects which will bridge the understanding of the marketing discipline for marketing juniors. Subjects which have been integrated into their IKEA project include: Marketing Research,Marketing Principles and Consumer Behaviour.


Client: Unilever Singapore Pte Ltd
Advertising and Promotion Plan for Wall’s Balance

The Marketing Juniors were tasked to develop an Advertising and Promotion plan for one of Unilever Singapore’s new products – Wall’s Balance.  After the client’s briefing, students spent the first few weeks of the semester gaining better insights into the product and market through research such as observations, interviews and surveys before developing relevant marketing communications strategy and tactics for the new product.

At the end of the semester, students presented their findings and recommendations to their client.  The client was impressed with their work and commented on their creative solutions which were comparable to industry standard.  Students found the project interesting as they got to understand the real world of advertising and promotion through working on this project.

Client: Housing Development Board
Perception Study of Loyang Point and Dawson Place

HDB collaborated with our Marketing Juniors to conduct a small scale perception survey to identify the strong and weak attributes of two underperforming shopping centres - namely Dawson Place and Loyang Point.

This was planned to inject a real-life industry experience for our students while providing a symbiotically beneficial service for HDB as well.

The research project was embedded in two subjects: Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour.


Client: Colgate-Palmolive (Eastern) Pte Ltd
Communications Plan for Protex

Diploma in Marketing, Junior Year Students worked on a real life industry project with Colgate-Palmolive (Eastern) Pte Ltd for the subject Customer Communications (rename as Advertising and Promotions).

Colgate-Palmolive launched Protex Shower Gel many years ago in Singapore. However, the level of brand awareness is very low as compared to its main competitor.

Over a 12-week period, students conducted fieldwork research through observation and survey findings to identify the issues faced by Colgate-Palmolive. Students found this project very interesting as it gave them an opportunity to know more on the areas of fort moving consumer goods and the importance of communication.

Colgate-Palmolive management were impressed with the findings and the proposed creative marketing solutions offered by the students. The company would like to collaborate with our students for future projects.


Entrepreneurship in Marketing

We believe that marketing should have a strong foundation in entrepreneurship.

In addition to offering it as a compulsory year 3 subject, we also encourage our students to embark on various entrepreneurial projects in marketing that will instill the strong values of being innovative and creative, and being able to problem solve and take risks.


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